Will human players find a winning strategy against the OpenAI Five bots?

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Given how few games the OpenAI bots have played against top-tier human players, it's unclear how robust the OpenAI bots are. The OG team felt confident that given more games they'd be able to adapt and find a winning strategy.

@OG_BDN0tail says that he thinks with 10 games, they’d be able to win; with 50 games, win consistently. Would be super interesting to see... - GDB

OpenAI announced the OpenAI Five Arena, which will allow anyone to sign up to play against OpenAIs best in class bots.

Will players in OpenAI's Arena find a winning strategy against the OpenAI Five?

This question will resolve positively if a team made up of all human players finds a "strategy" that reliably leads to victory against the OpenAI Five bots. This strategy needs to be reproducible by other players, and publicly disclosed.

  • An examples of this type of strategy is, at the International, OpenAI's earlier versions of the bot made simplistic errors when being "kited" by humans. Human players could exploit that again and again to do heavy damage to the AI heroes and lead to humans winning.
  • In one of the AlphaStar matches the bot seemed to glitch in its unit movements, allowing Mana to waltz in and destroy its base. If that is a reproducible exploit, it would count as a strategy.

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