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By 2021, will a political party in one of the top 60 countries (by nominal GDP) position themselves explicitly against AI?


There's also a version of this question asking about only the G7 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, USA).


The question resolves positive if, on Jan 1st 2021...

  • ...a party with some current or expected parliamentary representation (e.g. as revealed by polls)...
  • one of the top 60 countries by nominal GDP (in either 2018 or resolution year)...
  • ...explicitly states in an official manner that they shall pursue policies broadly limiting the influence of AI on their country (it is sufficient if they simply mention terms such as "automation", "machine learning", "algorithms", "bots" etc.).

Note that it is not sufficient that they merely position themselves against a particular application of the technology, such as political troll bots or intelligent drones, or merely push for regulation surrounding tech monopolies or privacy (which would have indirect effects on AI progress).

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