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How much computation did OpenAI Five (TI 2018 version) use for training?


This is related to the AlphaFold, AlphaStar and GPT-2 computation guesstimate questions.

We continue our series of questions to track the compute used by major projects (the previously most extensive tracking, OpenAI's AI and Compute paper, only tracks projects up to the end of 2017).

This question asks about computation in PFLOP/s-days used by the version of OpenAI Five that played pro teams in The International 2018 (blog post here.

The estimate should not include computation used for hyperparameter tuning and architecture search.

Resolution by paper or other reliable announcement (this may already have resolved, but I haven't dug deep enough into the paper to find out. In either case, it will be good to gather guesstimates of it here on Metaculus AI).

The method of calculations should be as similar as possible to that used in the "AI and compute" article.


As a pointer, DanielFilan and James' Guesstimate model of Starcraft timelines also does some estimates of the dollar cost of training OpenAI Five.

Here's a Guesstimate model for quickly thinking about the relation between compute and cost, and how it changes over time, based on Ryan Carey's estimates. I especially recommend checking out the calculators (by pressing the little calculator symbol in the menu bar), which allow you to enter a target compute/cost and find out how long until it's reached.

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