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By end of 2019, will OpenAI be valued at more than $3 billion?


This question is related to others concerning OpenAI LP, including:

On March 12 OpenAI announced:

We’ve created OpenAI LP, a new “capped-profit” company that allows us to rapidly increase our investments in compute and talent while including checks and balances to actualize our mission.

The checks and balances of this custom legal structure involve:

  • Fiduciary duty to the Charter: which always takes precedence over the financial interests of employees and investors
  • Capped returns: For the initial round of investors, all returns beyond 100x the initial investment are owned by OpenAI Nonprofit
  • Full control of the LP by the board of OpenAI Nonprofit

We now ask:

By Dec 31st 2019, will publicly available investment data or credible information about private investments value OpenAI at more than $3 billion?

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